Omega Electronics has been operating in the Perth Metro area as a mobile television service company since 1994.

We service and repair mainly LED TVs, LCD TVs, PLASMA TVs, and  SMART TVs

And all problems associated like faulty cabling, set up / installation, connection and antennas.


The aim is to get your TV problem solved on site, and we have a very high success rate for on-site repairs after over 35 years in the industry.

However, this may not always be possible. The television may have to be taken to the workshop for service if the problem requires special test equipment which cannot be transported to the customer, or if your TV needs to run in a controlled environment for a certain time.


We work on most brands - traditional brands like SONY, PANASONIC, LG, SAMSUNG, TEAC, SHARP, PHILIPS, SANYO, NEC, AWA, TOSHIBA, HITACHI as well as more recent brands like SONIQ, PALSONIC, HISENSE, TCL, SANSUI etc.