Problems with your TV reception, picture freezing, pixelation ?

How do you know if the antenna is causing your TV problems?

There are a few tests you can do to find out if the antenna may be the cause, a simple test is to check any other TVs in your house for the same problem, if they show the same fault or even just one set of channels is breaking up, this could originate from a common cause the antenna.

An other test is to use the TVs inbuilt signal test function, this feature is available on most TV sets where as the TV brands employ different ways of displaying this information and it is not always 100% accurate but always worth a look at. This test function is available through the TVs menu. The path to the signal test is some times quite intricate and not always easy to find, often under the heading of the TUNING menu or the TEST menu. Most brands have their own way to get to this feature, it can some times be found in the operation manual which came with the TV. Once the signal test has been found the TV will display the strength of the signal, in some cases the quality of the signal is also displayed also some times labeled as bit error fault, which is the other way of displaying the quality. A bad quality signal will have a greater negative influence on the antenna signal than a low strength signal. eg having only 80% quality is worse than having only 50% signal strength.

This means the antenna system is faulty in some way, it could be the antenna itself is OK but the cable, splitter or amplifier (if installed) could be the source of the fault and possible to pinpoint straight away, especially in some homes where the antenna system has been modified several times by different people over the years to add  a new connections etc.

we often find a mix of non compatible antenna components in the roof, or a non qualified person or careless technician has previously worked on the antenna system.

often a tv system will work for some years and not work well but due to digital TV, which will compensate for problems some what until the signal becomes too compromised and some channels start to fail.

If you have TV reception problems due to a faulty antenna, Omega Electronics can replace your existing, faulty antenna with a new digital antenna. Or upgrade to a higher grade digital antenna for better reception.


Digital antennas start at $99.00*

*(does not include installation)

Total cost will vary depending on antenna size, required antenna mast, fittings, and antenna location, e.g. second story location etc.